Autumn Hall
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Autumn Hall
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Autumn Hall and the 236 acres that make up its lush interior is the epitome of traditional living and coastal lifestyle. Purchased by the Trask family in the 1950's, this new development will be unique to many developments in the area not only because of its grand scope, but because of its seamless integration into the pristine coastal landscape.

To this end, Autumn Hall represents a concerted effort to recreate and preserve the Trask family's personal memories of growing up in the Wilmington and Wrightsville Beach community. This begins with conscientious land planning aimed at leaving the natural landscape intact to the fullest possible extent, incorporating live oaks and winding streams into the fabric of the neighborhood.

The design and construction of Autumn Hall is meticulously governed by authentic Cape Fear Heritage ArchitectureSM, to create homes and buildings that absolutely look like they belong on this land, contributing to the regional identity instead of diluting it. Wide, airy porches, scrolling iron railings, and breezy outdoor rooms - the very mark of authentic Cape Fear architecture - will establish the open, inviting theme throughout the entire community.

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