Autumn Hall
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Autumn Hall
The Trask Family


To truly understand the vision of Autumn Hall, you must first get to know the history of the family that owns the land on which it will one day sit. The Trask family, who first laid their roots on the Cape Fear coast in the 18th century, purchased the land in the 1950's. And for the last half century, this family has been a good steward of this precious landscape, always knowing that it would one day be the home of something unique and beautiful.

For three generations, this land was the site of many of the Trask family's fondest memories. Memories of fishing, swimming and boating on the 8-acre lake (now Autumn Hall lake), canoeing on the tidal headwaters of Bradley Creek, hunting and hiking along the forests and marshlands, and gathering together with family and friends for a traditional autumn oyster roast around a fire.

It is from these very memories the story of Autumn Hall begins. From street names to park locations, the unique qualities of Autumn Hall share a storyline with the Trask family. Old Garden Road will run past the very place the family garden once sat; Dungannon Village is named after a close friend's coastal plantation; Chapel Park is named after the reverent feeling one felt after stepping underneath the thick canopy of live oak trees that make up the park's perimeter.

Autumn Hall is the culmination of one family's desire to bring back important time-honored traditions - like taking time to gather with friends and family to create lasting memories - as well as their desire to preserve the precious coastal landscape and to honor the history of the Cape Fear coast. Autumn Hall will be and is all of these things, and who better to create this Southern gathering place than the very family who once gathered there themselves.

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