Autumn Hall
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Autumn Hall
Wilmington, NC Development Natural Landscape

Parks & Gardens

One of the key elements of the Autumn Hall experience is the vast number of natural preservation areas, community lawns, solitude gardens, parks, playgrounds, and scenic spots that are found throughout the entire community. Nestled along the banks of lakes and streams, hidden under the canopy of oak groves and pine trees, and integrated seamlessly within commercial and residential areas, the parks of Autumn Hall each carry their own theme and selection of plants and flora, as well as their own amenity features, like outdoor fireplaces, secluded pathways, park benches, and wooden bridges.

Each one of these meticulously preserved and carefully manicured parks celebrates a part of what defines the Cape Fear Coast best, while equally inviting friends, family, and neighbors to gather together and enjoy those very things that make our area unique and wonderful.